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MyMode is an online portal developed and managed by the Asia Mobile Commerce Privilege (M) Sdn Bhd which has its HQ in Ampang, Selangor. Asia Mobile Commerce Privilege (M) Sdn Bhd has been named the winner of the 4th Asia Pacific/Malaysia e-Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2005. MyMode had already established a huge number of followers. Currently, MyMode has more than 155,000 Agents under its wing. Join me as a member HERE !

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

You will decide it.

1. Use what you need regularly and convert it into cash!

What a waste if you just reload your prepaid every month and get no additional benefit when you can generate extra income by virtually doing nothing extra. Are you just interested in just topping up your prepaid and able to call or SMS your friends? Wouldn't it be silly when you can generate income up to thousands of ringgit every month by doing what you have been doing all these years? The difference is just stop buying prepaid cards from shops and top up just by SMS. It is so much more convenient, safer, you even can top up 24 hours a day and at the same time generate extra cash....so why are you resisting? What about your parents, girlfriends, buddies and college mates who use prepaid? Surely you can top up their prepaid just by using your handphone to SMS and get rebates ....every month as long as they are still using prepaid. Surely they will buy from you.

2. Extremely easy! Everyone can do it.

It is simple, all you need to know is how to SMS to start this business. No product for you to pack and post as all you need is a pin and serial numbers which you send by SMS.

You can perform this simple task wherever you are. You do not need an office or kiosk or maintain any stock to sell prepaid.

Ordering prepaid is just by mean of SMS. Imagine you run out of prepaid and you are in the middle of the night and the shops are closed or you are 10 km from the nearest prepaid shop? Where do you want to top up your prepaid? Just SMS and immediately your prepaid is top up. Why do the difficult when you can have this convenience? All activities and transaction are automated as all transaction are done through SMS are stored in the internet, that is your on-line account. You can even view your account, see how much rebate and bonus you have accumulated and even view all your downline and much more.

3. Extremely low investment! Absolutely no risk
If you want to talk about risk, it is only RM54.00. But after a few reloads for yourself or for your friends and not even having to sponsor anybody, you have already got back your investment. This is possible because you get rebate and discount each time you perform a top-up. Or you still think RM54.00 is such a big amount for you to start such a promising business? Although your one time initial payment is RM65.00, RM11.00 is returned to you as your rolling capital. You can even start topping up your prepaid right away. This cannot be considered your capital or loses although you may not be successful in this business. So what are you afraid off?

4. Why enrich others? When you can enrich yourself!

Do you know that the shopkeeper who sells reload to you are making massive profit and some can even offer you a small discount! Why not shift the profits to the users or the buyers? We prepaid users, 13.6 millions in Malaysia, is really a big number. We should all unite and enrich ourselves rather than the shopkeepers who keep all the profit to themselves. Just imagine with such a huge number of prepaid users that increases even more each day, performing prepaid reload every month, and we also reap benefit every month. Think rationally, it is going to be a lost or gain when you join this business ?

5. Competition

There is virtually no competition in this prepaid by SMS business. Although this business is in the form of networking, but if you look at most network marketing business, there are always base on physical product such as health food, household utensils etc. At the moment there are simply too many of such schemes and most agents lost steam and energy to sponsor others and very quickly left the business tired and frustrated. There are just so many of them selling these products, many of which you can even get from shops, and thousands of similar products sold under different brand names.

Prepaid product has no conflict with other products...if you need reload, there is only one type of Maxis reload. In addition to that, we have to top-up prepaid every month, not once sometimes 2 or 3 times depending how long we speak.

6. Set Your Target!

There are attractive returns in this business. To simplify the explanation, let us look at the potential returns by just sponsoring others in the illustration below.

Business System 3
(Sign-up bonus for new members only)

Income Level
1 8 X 10.00 = RM 80.00
2 8 X 8 = 64 X 1.00= RM 64.00
3 64 X 8 = 512 X 1.00= RM 512.00
4 512 X 8 = 4096 X 1.00= RM 4,096.00
5 4096 X 8 = 32,768 X 1.00= RM 32,768.00
6 32,768 X 8 = 262,144 X 1.00= RM 262,144.00
7 261,144 X 8 = 2,097,152, X 1.00= RM 2,097,152.00
8 2,097,152 X 8 = 16,777,216 X 1.00= RM 16,777,216.00
TOTAL RM 19,174,032.00

** The above permutation represents sign-up bonus which MyMode agents (who has yet to upgrade to MP status) will receive, and as such will only receive RM1.00 as signup incentive from Level 2 to Level 10. However, if he has upgrade to MP status, he will receive an additional RM8.00 for each signup from Level 2 onwards until such a time anyone of his downline upgrade to MP status.

Set your target to 2 members a week and similarly they signup 2 members a week...and within a month all will have 8 members. This means if the trend continues for 8 months you will achieve the amount as illustrated. Or at the least get 1 signup a week and after 16 months you will still reach the same target. It really can expand at a rapid speed and it really did not seems so difficult. Take action ..don't just read and ponder. What is really important is to look at the potential returns. If you do not do anything, surely the above will not be realised. Try doing something for yourself...give yourself a chance...it is only fair. DO IT NOW !!!!!

The above permutation and income is just a simulation. We do not promise that members will receive the above income. It is solely for the purpose of setting target and illustration and does not represent a guarantee that you will get the above income.

Need more info?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Must buy product...

Produk yang diketengahkan adalah produk keperluan asas untuk kita semua.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sungguh MUDAH..hanya dihujung jari anda

** Pergi Kerja Pagi , Balik Petang……… Dapat gaji bayar hutang.
** Adakah anda ingin hidup begitu dengan cara hidup lama anda.
** Rezeki takkan datang bergolek TANPA USAHA !!!
** Jika orang lain boleh dapat RM1000-RM3000 sebulan, secara part-time kenapa Tidak Anda? Anda pun boleh…
** Jadilah pengguna bijak. Barangan yang anda beli sebenarnya boleh menjana income yang lumayan!! (Kami mepunyai senarai rekod pendapatan Agent yang mencecah puluhan ribu ringgit sebulan)

Teknik & Formula paling sistematik & terkini
1) Modal Rendah (RM65), Hanya Sekali, Seumur hidup
2) Kerja sejam dua sehari dari rumah
3) Pendapatan setiap minggu, pendapatan yang konsisten & boleh diwarisi
4) Tiada penekanan penjualan produk
5) Tiada had masa, terpulang pada kepantasan bekerja
6) Terbuka pada semua golongan termasuk pelajar.
7) Mengawasi semua transaksi melalui akaun peribadi & internet

Mymode merupakan sebuah perniagaan sah yang berdaftar,
diasaskan oleh Syarikat Asia Mobile Commerce Privilledge Sdn. Bhd.
yang menyediakan perkhidmatan SMS Prepaid. Dengan pendaftaran
keahlian RM65, anda sah sebagai Agent Mymode dan secara tidak
langsung merupakan ‘Tokey Prepaid Topup’ dengan kedai bergerak
beroperasi 24jam, tidak kira masa, tidak kira tempat!!

Siapa boleh sertai perniagaan ini?
1) Mempunyai handphone.
2) Tahu SMS.
3) Ada akses internet samada dirumah atau pejabat.
(Tidak wajib, tetapi satu kelebihan)

** Sudah bersedia untuk mengubah hidup anda?

Prepaid4U.Net Your Mobile Lifestyle

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where're we ?

Have you ever imagined what will happen to you in the next 5 years if you keep on doing what you are doing right now? Do you think you are going to get better or worse? If you work hard everyday to get paid and you think you are going to work even harder in a few years to come, do you think you are going to achieve what you aim in life?

I have been thinking of this question for the past few months and I know that we were taught that job security is important in life, therefore, we studied hard during our school time and we went to college so that we can get a stable, well-paid job!

Have you ever thought that if we keep on doing what we have been doing for the past donkey's years, are our lives going to change?

Therefore, today I am going to tell a few shocking attitudes that rich people have,

1) Rich people take calculated risk and they prefer opportunity rather than security! They venture into anything that can make money although they have to lose their jobs!

2) Rich people believe that action speaks louder than words. They have ideas and they will apply their ideas into money making machine. They do not just talk, talk, and talk......... again, again and again.

3) Rich people like to make friends with all kinds of people because they know the truth that more people you know, more money you will make! They do not stay at home after work and sit in front of TV and spend 1/3 of their lives watching TV or playing computers! They go out and meet people!

Prepaid4U.Net Your Mobile Lifestyle

4) Rich people accept suggestion and opinion. They know there is always a better choice to make money. They look for ideas and they will turn these ideas into bussiness opportunity!

5) Rich people never complain. They will not give one thousand and one reason why the ideas fail but look harder for better ideas. Poor people complain, complain and have 100 thousand reasons when they fail in anything in their lives!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Placement strategy -1

The ranks requirement in the Mymode rewards programme.

Monday, April 9, 2007

How does the system works?

How does this systems work will elaborate more with this diagram

Reload Card Kini Satu Keperluan Hidup!

Perkembangan industri MOBILE telah membawakan satu teknologi yang sangat berkuasa iaitu Sistem Pesanan Ringkas atau lebih dikenali sebagai SMS (Short Messaging System) . Statistik hasil kajian Suruhanjaya Komunikasi & Multimedia Malaysia menunjukkan lebih dari 3,406 juta SMS telah dihantar dalam tempoh suku pertama tahun 2005, bukan sahaja untuk urusan pribadi tetapi turut melibatkan transaksi perniagaan.

Lanjutan dari ini, Asia Mobile Commerce Privilege (M) Sdn Bhd bertindak melahirkan portal M-Commerce MyMode bagi membantu para pengguna mobile phone seluruh Malaysia menjana keuntungan menerusi telefon bimbit mereka sendiri. Inilah trend perniagaan masakini. Kos yang Rendah, Risiko yang kecil, Keuntungan yang berlipat ganda!!

Kini syarikat yang menawarkan perkhidmatan reload card berasaskan konsep Multi-Network Marketing tumbuh bagai cendawan selepas hujan. Walau bagaimanapun untuk merasai keunggulan perniagaan M-commerce yang sebenar, MyMode adalah jawapannya!

Kini duit, kereta, telefon bimbit bukan lagi icon kemewahan tetapi salah satu keperluan hidup selari dengan peredaran masa. Untuk pengetahuan anda. bilangan pengguna telefon bimbit di Malaysia sudah melebihi 14 juta orang dan 80% darinya merupakan pengguna perkhidmatan prabayar(prepaid).

Lihatlah sendiri bertapa besarnya potensi untuk perniagaan ini!! Pengguna hari ini lebih suka perkhidmatan prabayar kerana mereka lebih bebas, tidak terikat dengan yuran langganan bulanan dan sebagainya. Dari statistik yang dikeluarkan pada tahun 2002, dan 2003 jelas menunjukkan peningkatan berkali ganda. Ini bermakna prospek anda semakin bertambah dari hari ke hari. Anda tidak menggunakan perkhidmatan prabayar? Tak jadi masalah! pengguna perkhidmatan pascabayar(post-paid) pun masih boleh melibatkan diri dalam peniagaan ini. Biarpun kad reload tidak dibeli untuk kegunaan sendiri, anda masih boleh jual kepada ahli keluarga dan rakan-rakan yang menggunakannya. Jadi kenapa tidak sertai kami sekarang?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

What Makes MYMODE The Top Internet Business In Malaysia?

MyMode is an online portal developed and managed by the Asia Mobile Commerce Privilege (M) Sdn Bhd which has its HQ in Ampang, Selangor. It provides state-of-the-art mobile solutions to improve the efficiency of mobile communications. Asia Mobile Commerce Privilege (M) Sdn Bhd has been named the winner of "The 4th Asia Pacific/Malaysia eEntreprenuer Excellence Award" and"The 4th Asia PacificInternational Honesty Enterprise -Keris Award2005".
The awards was on recognition of its achievements received by its household brand, MyMode.

MyMode provides the means for its members to gain access to the multiple mobile contents including mobile shopping, mobile information, mobile entertainment and mobile loyalty. MyMode had already established a huge number of followers. Currently, MyMode has more than 155,000 Agents under its wing. Under the guidance of its dynamic Chairman, Datin Fara H Dalela and assisted by a highly talented and capable team. MyMode has seen 3 successful and exciting years and is currently expanding its operation to several countries and shall be starting its operation in Cambodia soon.

Necessity Product
We are not selling silly items that you don't need. In fact, it deals with something you still have to buy whether you like it or not. We are talking about topping up hand-phone, unless of course you do not own one. You can top up for yourself, your friends or relatives 24 hours a day, to either users of Maxis, Celcom, Italk etc, get rebates, bonuses, over-ridding, leadership incentives etc.......

Low Investment! High Return!
How much you need to start this Mobile Prepaid Business? If you need to keep 10 pieces of prepaid card stock, you will need at least RM5000 which do not include rental fee, utilities fee etc. Under MyMode, you don't need a big capital .....You can become a MyMode agent with just RM65!

Risk Free!
For RM65, your risk in only RM54 because RM11 will be deposited into your MyMode account as rolling capital...for you to start topping yours or other prepaid users' hand-phone accounts.. What type of business can you start with RM54?

No Monthly Charges
the yearly fee is only 5 Mypoints (RM5 only) . You don't have to reactivate your account after you had join.

Prepaid4U.Net Your Mobile Lifestyle

AGLOCO: Own the Internet.

Do you realize how valuable you are? Advertisers, search providers and online retailers are paying billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you making? NONE!
AGLOCO thinks you deserve a piece of the action.

AGLOCO collects money from those companies on behalf of its members. (For example, Google currently pays AOL 10 cents for every Google search by an AOL user. And Google still has enough profit to pay $1.6 billion dollars for YouTube, an 18-month old site full of content that YouTube’s users did not get paid for!

AGLOCO will work to get its Members their share of this and more.

AGLOCO is building a new form of online community that they call an Economic Network. They are not only paying Members their fair share, but they’re building a community that will generate the kind of fortune that YouTube made. But instead of that wealth making only a few people rich, the entire community will get its share.

What's the catch?
No catch - no spyware, no pop-ups and no spam - membership and software are free and AGLOCO is 100% member owned. Privacy is a core value and AGLOCO never sells or rents member information.

So do both of us a favor: Sign up for AGLOCO right now! If you use this link to sign up, I automatically get credit for referring you and helping to build AGLOCO. http://www.agloco.com/r/bbbm3839

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Is it ONLINEBIZ reliable ?

Have you begin to wonder if it's possible for an ordinary person like yourself to earn money through the Internet? There're several type of online earning opportunities that being offerred ranging from online investment, affilliate programmes, PTC,PTS, Matrix as well as MLM etc.

Believe me, I do understand! I was in yoursituation not so very long ago! I'm living proof that a NEWCOMER, an ordinary person, like you can make money online.

It really is true…ANYONE can become successful on the internet.

Why we need to do ONLINEBIZ:

NO RECRUITING-You can earn monthly without referring anyone but you will earn extraodinary if you do so.

NO PHYSICAL PRODUCTS-$$ is your products.

NO STOCKING-No more useless products in your car @ store @ office.

NO MEETING-No need to attend any meeting @ presentation.

NO TRAINING-No need to attend any physical training.

NO TRAVELING-Saving your cost on petrol, tolls & parking

Prepaid4U.Net Your Mobile Lifestyle